Redding Adventist Academy (RAA)

History of RAA 

"RAA is a school centered on the love of Christ empowering our students to strengthen their character and become closer to God. We care for the uniqueness of each student by developing skill sets to allow for success in higher educational endeavors, creating minds to become great thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners. We focus on teaching the importance of health and wellness so students can reach their potential and serve their communities and others for Christ."

(derived from the official RAA website in the "Our School" section) 


What they do

"RAA is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the beliefs of the Christian Seventh-day Adventist Church, as expressed in our following Core Values:


  • Character – Ensure our actions are consistent with our Christ-centered values and reflect the image of God in all that we do. 

  • Excellence – Commit to a growth mindset persistently pursuing academic excellence focusing on what we don’t understand through grit, determination and experiential learning.  

  • Service – Seek to reflect the heart of God through actively engaging in service to others.  

  • Whole Person – Recognize the need for a balanced life in the development of intellect, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing through wellness principles.  

  • Connection – Develop honest, growing relationships with our students, parents, churches, and our loving God.

The Palo Cedro church ministers to the children in the community. It is part of a church system that operates over 8,500 schools worldwide. The school system's unique perspective is a worldview that centers on God, His love, His creation, His sacrifice and His invitation to life eternal. 


Redding Adventist Academy is a K-8 school with a modified Essentials program (for high school students). Each student's education is centered on the mind, body and spirit. Students will experience a high quality education, a family environment, individualized support, small classroom sizes, hands-on learning and a stronger daily walk with God when attending RAA. It is our vision is to empower students to be the light of Jesus that changes the world, and we welcome your child.

Where to find them


For more information about Redding Adventist Academy or to contact them directly, please visit their website at