October 1, 2022



      Second Readings of Membership Transfers -  

  • In: J Orellana to Palo Cedro from Redding SDA Church

  • Out: Bridgette Graack to Paradise SDA Church from Palo Cedro

  • Out: Kaeli Turk to Grass Valley SDA Church from Palo Cedro


  1. Thank you to everyone who came to support Martin at Thea's memorial service on Sunday and all those who helped to put it together. 

  2. The Northern California Conference Constituency Meeting was held on Sunday, September 25. We would like to thank all the delegates who attended.  All officers have been re-elected. You can go to the NCC website at https://nccsda.com/2022-constituency-session/ for more information. 

  3. Potluck - Please join us in the fellowship hall after the service for potluck. 

  4. Praise Music Reunion - Join us on Oct 1. for a special day of music, miracle stories, and mini-sermons with familiar faces from the past 15 years of the Jones' Praise Team. 

  5. Christian Women's Retreat - Sept 30 & Oct 7. Registration ends September 20. Registration forms can be found in the lobby and online. 

  6. AdvenTED Young Adult Conference – Oct. 14-16 at One Adventist Health Way, Roseville, CA. $29.99 to attend and meals are provided on Saturday. For more information and registration please visit https://www.tickettailor.com/events/nccsda/763947/r/facebook-event

  7. Grief Care Team meeting after church on Oct. 22. The location is yet to be determined. 

  8. Communion - October 29

  9. Vision & Dental Clinic - Palo Cedro and Redding SDA Churches will be hosting a free vision and dental clinic on April 16. If you would like to contribute, please use the Local Church Events Fund on your tithe envelope or online. 

  10. Celebrate Recovery Ministry is looking for 6 to 8 volunteers who are interested in ministering to children. Children who come to Celebration Place range in age from 6 to 12. Two volunteers per classroom must be present while leading life-changing lessons. All program materials will be provided. We also need volunteers ages 5 and under. Please contact John Rowland at 916-295-9065

    Click here for more information about Celebration Place

  11. Bread of Life is looking for volunteers. Buyers are needed throughout the week to pick up donations and purchases at various places in Redding. People willing to sort food and organize it are needed on Tuesdays from 9:20 to 12. People willing to serve our community when the pantry is open are needed on Wednesdays from 9:20 to 12.

  12. Connection Cards can be found in the pews and near the exits. Please fill one out and leave it in a tithe box. If you are a visitor, we would love to connect with you. You can also make prayer requests, transfer requests, and sign up for our weekly online newsletter. 

  13. Children's Prayer Calendar for 2022 is up on our website and the Weekly Word. Please remember to check it out and pray for a different child every day.

  14. Prayer Warriors welcome. Come pray for our church each Sabbath morning at 9 am.

  15. Tithes and offerings will be collected by the Deacons by the exit doors on Sabbath morning. You can also mail them to the church, drop them off at the church office during regular office hours, or donate online at AdventistGiving.org


PCSDA Family Prayer List:

  • Sheila LeSure - Beginning Cancer Treatment 

  • Martin Nelson

  • Ann Hill's Granddaughter 

  • Mina Wing - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Deenie Torres  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Steve Cochran  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Bella Pirritano  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Sherril Denny's Brother


Church Family Budget

  • Amount Needed Each Week: $4,339

  • Amount Received on September 24: $929

  • Amount Needed Annually: $225,800

  • Amount Received YTD: $71,453


Offering Opportunities 

  • By donating to our Tuition Assistance Fund, you are helping to make sure that our PCSDA Church children get to attend RAA and receive an excellent Christ-centered education.